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We just love ice cream!

We opened our window on May 7th, 2016

Woody's Ice Cream Shack is located in Hamburg, NY. Family owned and operated. We opened our window on May 7th, 2016 to give Bounce Magic customers another great reason to visit us. Woody's serves a variety of frozen treats including soft serve ice cream, shakes, sundaes and flurries. After many great sessions, and 28+ flavors of Perry's Ice Cream, we are the newest gem of Hamburg, NY.


The story behind the building of Woody's.

  In short, Woody's is a sweet solution to a small problem. (Pun intended) Bounce Magic sales would drop off every year after Easter and we would reduce hours for our party hostesses, counter staff and kitchen people for the summer. It was hard on management and customers too because we had to constantly rehire and retrain. We try to keep up with training of new people but with the winter employees getting other jobs in the spring and then not come back to a seasonal part time job in the fall. It made for a lot of great new employees but very little experience. Customers would not always get the experience they deserved and that lead to less than what Bounce Magic wants for its customers. Bounce Magic is seasonal and therefore we would not have many customers except on rainy days. The employees that would work through the summer got either board or on rainy days, overwhelmed.  We needed a solution!

The solution! While reading an industry magazine one day an article popped out about Ice Cream, and something clicked! Could an Ice Cream shop make hours for employees? Could it keep our winter seasonal customs happy and thinking about us all summer? Could Bounce Magic afford to not try? So off we went again and introduced another feature to the Bounce Magic family and in doing so we solved these problems. For over four years Bounce Magic/Woody's has made more customers our friends for winter and summer. We have many employees that have worked for us over 5 years and our customer reviews show that retained quality employees are making a difference. One customer, one party and one ice cream at a time!

Come by and see what we have to offer you and your family.

Woody's Motto is:

We love that WOW factor because when it comes to ice cream, bigger is better!

2021 and beyond.....

Woody's has moved down the street to 4438 Southwestern Blvd. Hamburg, NY

Our new location is in the works, and we are on track to make the newest Ice Cream shop in Hamburg now have the newest location too!

This project started in September 2021 after Bounce Magic was asked to vacate the now West Herr/Napa auto parts store where Woody's was born out of necessity to make jobs for Bounce Magic employees during the summer months. With the pandemic shutting Bounce Magic down we found Woody's to be our saving grace. So, out of the ashes of our summer add-on of an ice cream shop it has now become our main focus. This new focus required a new location.


It all started in September of 2021 with the purchase of the building at 4438 Southwestern Blvd. in Hamburg NY. We had a grand idea and the capital to invest into the idea. Our real estate person was awesome and areal visionary for what we could do with this place. We then brought in an architect to draw up some plans. While the drawings were getting done, we started the demolition of the old interior and exterior skin. We got quite the shock and new then that this was going to cost more than the guesstimate of many. We took our drawings to the Town and quickly found support of all we wanted to do except the drive thru. So, after many meetings and drawing changes, the town approved 4 to 3 in favor of it.

On March 16th, 2022, we got the permit to begin building the Ice Cream Shop. And you would think it was all good to go from there, right? Well, for the most part it was. However, prices had skyrocketed in the last year for building materials and contractors had so much post pandemic work to do that we were either on the bottom of the list or they would price the job to high! Luckily being a bit patient, we were able to hire a great contractor that we have worked with before. The only stipulation was that we were being squeezed into an already packed schedule. This would mean many weeks with little to no work being done. But by mid-July they had us at 90% done! Barb and I had of course been working alongside the contractors all along but the last 10% was on us!

This 10% is almost the longest part as we paint walls, trim and move in equipment. Luckily, we have a great hard-working son that just loves his milkshakes so it's not too hard to get his help. As we finished up the details for opening, we had to get all our inspections done. This is all about phone calls, money and making sure we had everything done right. We have gone thru this process many times over the years, but we are hoping this is the last time. That is right, we are done once this Ice Cream Shop is opened. The opening is scheduled for August 6th, 2022, at 2pm. 

Thanks to many people and companies and even the township itself. It has been along year from when Woody's was selling out of the 4255 McKinley Pkwy address before we were asked to leave and now in our own building with no intention of leaving anytime soon. We'll be open from the end of March/early April thru till about mid-December every year. Woody's and the newly hired staff looks forward to serving this Hamburg and surrounding community for many years to come.

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